Pentatonic Homebase

These 2 scale patterns are the starting point for learning to solo in any major or minor key. This is the starting point for my scale navigation system.

For a minor scale start with your index finger on the yellow note. For a major scale, start with your pinky on the orange note.

Since my first workshop with Miles, this system has become the basis of my continuing fretboard exploration and improvisation. Now I’m finding how easy it is to work off the same system but to play in a mode (Dorian, Aeolian, etc.) simply by adding a couple of notes, Using the system has removed me from attempting to “know” too many scale patterns in different fingerings, but too confused to apply them in the moment.


Thank you John! Welcome to the forum!

I often listen to the Spa channel on XM radio while in my home office. Lots of quiet new age stuff, and a lot of guitar, good for playing along. I keep my guitar handy, and when an interesting piece comes on I pick up the guitar and try to find the home key and improvise, using pentatonic major and minor patterns. Today, for instance, there was a piece that shifted from major to minor and back on the same bass note (A). Using Miles’ system, how easy it is to keep going: by simply shifting from starting with LH pinky on the 6th string, 5th fret bass note (major); to starting with LH index on the bass note (minor). Also easy to locate the 3, 4, 5, flat7 and root octave notes. Really worth working on!

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Great stuff @jfree76540, thanks for sharing! Be cool to see if others can try this successfully using the above scale chart.