What should this group talk about?

Hey all! I’m so excited to have 12 people in this guitar community in the first week!

What would you like to see discussed here?

  • Guitar tips and skills?
  • Sharing videos of our favorite guitar players?
  • Sharing our own playing?
  • A virtual open mic?
  • Any other ideas?

I’d love to hear your ideas for how this group can be enjoyable and useful for you.

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Ok I’ll go first… I started this group because I wanted a place to talk to other guitar geeks about what we’re learning and share our favorite songs, and find camaraderie in our shared love of the instrument.

I also teach guitar lessons and workshops and wanted a fun way for my students to ask me questions, get feedback, and share song ideas.

Really appreciate your effort to pull this together. It’s not always easy to connect with other musicians as a hobbyist. As for topics, all your bullet points apply. Eventually I could see separate chat rooms or channels based on the guitar styles you’ve outlined, but for now, one big happy family is cool. I especially like the idea of posting our own playing. I know I’ve got a bunch of stuff at the “roughed out” or “just ok” stage but not really ready for prime time or posting. Maybe this will be an incentive :wink:

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Thanks for the ideas @jfree76540! I agree it would be great to have channels for guitar different guitar styles. Perhaps it makes sense to start a new channel once we have a certain level of conversation and participation on that topic/genre? Yes I’m hoping this will be a good place to share video/audio of what we’re practicing, including rough drafts!