What's your new guitar trick?

Do you have a new guitar trick you are practicing, or a skill you want to learn next?

This week I’ve been working on some flamenco style strumming patterns that I learned from @chisquero, and also practicing improvising over a diminished scale using a new chord progression I wrote.

What are you working on, or wanting to work on next? Share your ideas in this thread if you like!

I’m practicing power chords

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@GalenZ awesome!

I’ve been working in the DADGAD tuning again recently. I’ve used that tuning in the past for accompanying Irish music, and have started going back to local sessions on occasion, ahead of an upcoming trip to Ireland. But I’m also trying to examine and understand more clearly the different intervals in DADGAD that produce the interesting modal and chordal sounds.

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@jfree76540 Sounds like an interesting project! I’ve spent very little time in DADGAD. Learned an Irish fiddle tune once, but I have long since forgotten it. Love to hear what you’re working on sometime!

For the time being, I’m listening to Irish tunes and working out chord progressions that make sense for accompaniment, in the process reconnecting with DADGAD fingering. Jen and I are going on a 10 day jaunt to Ireland starting on Tuesday, and have lined up good music venues (i.e. pubs :wink: in Dublin, Galway and Westport, where we’ll be staying. Since I am not taking a guitar, it will be unlikely I can sit in on a session, but who knows?

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@jfree76540 Sounds like a fun adventure! I got to jam on an Irish tune the other day (stayed in standard tuning as I’m not quite up to snuff on my DADGAD chord patterns), and it was a reminder that I have a lot to learn in that style.